To provide an enjoyable festival for all participants.
Participants acknowledge that PIV may impose requirements for the participation in activities forming all or part of the festival.
Rehearsals and Concerts
Specifically, PIV will publish in advance a rehearsal policy for involvement in the concerts associated with the festival.
Participants should show care and concern for each other and for the common good at all times. Participants should behave in such a way that no offence, inconvenience or disturbance is caused to other participants or to any person associated directly or indirectly with the festival.
Context of policy
This policy is subject to the Disputes and Mediation procedures outlined in the PIV constitution.
Complaints and concerns
Music related complaints and concerns should be addressed to section leaders. All other complaints are to be addressed to the PIV Exec (Convenor, Treasurer or Secretary)
The initial contact for queries regards this policy shall be the PIV Convenor.
Code of Conduct
Can be found here