Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australia. While most people use alcohol responsibly, many drink in a way that increases the risk of problems occurring.

PIV2017 promotes and practices the responsible consumption of liquor. A key objective of the PIV committee is to ensure that the behaviour of our patrons does not adversely impact on other patrons, staff, our neighbours and the community at large.
The PIV committee is committed to the training and support of staff in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA.). Western Australian law prohibits the consumption or purchase of liquor by persons who are minors, unduly intoxicated or disorderly.
If a staff member is of the opinion that a patron is unduly intoxicated or disorderly, the staff member must not serve liquor to that person.
Customers deemed to be unduly intoxicated will be refused service, offered water and asked to return to their dorm.
PIV will aim to create a climate that enables individuals to make a free and informed choice as to the level of their alcohol consumption, in an environment free of inducement and social pressure to drink to excess.
Participants are to acknowledge that alcohol consumption is ultimately a matter of individual choice. PIV is not organised with the intention to get intoxicated. While alcohol will be available for purchase, all events have alcohol free options. It is encouraged that you alternate your alcoholic beverages with water, and never drink on an empty stomach.
Participants and staff must treat each other with dignity and courtesy at all times. Participants who are rude or offensive to staff or other patrons will be refused service and asked to leave the bar.
Minors may be on the premises if in the care of a responsible adult or guardian, but may not consume or purchase liquor.
Proof of age
It is a condition of entry that patrons purchasing or consuming liquor must produce photo ID showing proof of age. Any patron attempting to consume or purchase alcohol who cannot provide proof of age will be refused service and asked to leave the premises.
The initial contact regarding this policy shall be the PIV Secretary.