Donations and Sponsorship

Why donate to PIV 2017?

Giving is good. Giving to PIV will support the 68th year of intervarsity choral singing and all the great things that people enjoy about music.

Donations made to the 68th AIVCF Public Fund will be used towards the Festivals key goals and activities.

Your generous donation will contribute to:

  • Supporting the Concert – staging, publicity, programming and other aspects;
  • Supporting the intensive rehearsal camp;
  • Supporting the work of the musical staff;
  • Promoting choral music;
  • Assisting with the social activities and events;
  • Upholding Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival traditions.

and so much more.

Are donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately PIV2017 is not presently registered to take tax deductible donations. Sorry!

How to donate to PIV 2017

At present, please contact the treasurer about making a donation.

We thank you, in advance, for your generous donation to further the development of this festival.


The 68th Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival Perth 2017 Inc welcomes any approaches for general sponsorship of the event or sponsorship of specific activities.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and levels of sponsorship please contact the Treasurer.


A big shout out to LotteryWest for awarding us a grant. It will go a long way to helping the youth of Western Australia attend what will be an awesome event.